Spanish 101

Today we’re going to learn español. Que bien! I’ll run through all of the most relevant/important words and phrases.

caliente – hot

comida – food

baño – bathroom

el centro – the mall

pero – dog

¿Dónde puedo comprar comida? – Where can I buy food?

chocolate – chocolate (that’s a freebie)

tengo sueño – I’m sleepy

tengo hambre – I’m hungry

me gustan patatas fritas – I like hashbrowns

coffee – café

Wi-fi – wi-fi (sweet)

starbucks – starbucks

usted me molesta – you annoy me

mía – mine

pan – bread

gimnasio – gym

This should be all I need to know right? If not I’m kinda screwed. It’s probs time to review the stuff Sofia & Eddy taught me,

xoxo (in spanish that’s pronounced equis o equis o, fun fact) 



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