Visa Application

Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a personal assistant that would just take care of everything you need? And like all those little things you overlook on a daily basis, they’d pick up the slack and make sure to cover everything? 

I think I could’ve applied for a visa like months ago but I legit do not understand the process (still, which is probably a bad thing since I leave the country in less than a month now ohmygosh). If I had had a personal assistant, he could’ve studied up on the application and let me know what I needed to do. (and yeah I said he because it’s probably sexist to presume my personal assistant would be a woman) (also not sure if it should be presume or assume? my personal assistant would probs be able to figure that out for me)

Anyway I submitted my application a few weeks ago and they still haven’t contacted me. Like kinda freaking out a little because after they contact me, I still have to set up a date to go to Chicago, and then they would still have to mail the actual visa itself to me. Can that all be packed into the next 4 weeks? Let’s hope so otherwise I’ll be chillin’ in DM for the next 5 months doing nothing. How boring. (not the Des Moines part, i <3 dm, the doing nothing part).

Why does Chile make it so hard for me to get there come on guys let’s try to be a little more welcoming towards visitors ok? (pretty sure it’s just as hard to travel to the U.S. for long periods of time but I’m gonna ignore that)




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