I swear…

If one more person asks me when I leave, I’m gonna hit em. 

Like I understand if you’re just curious, but if I’ve already told you 20 times, write it down or something please.

I leave on the 28th, which is actually coming up pretty fast. Since I live in Des Moines, my late departure is sort of bittersweet. I get to chill with my bffz for an extra month that I wouldn’t have been able to if I lived elsewhere, but I also get to hear that question about a billion more times than I would have if I lived elsewhere. 

It’s kind of a horrible question to ask if you think about it. Because not only did you forget when I’m leaving, but you also are reminding me that I’m leaving the country (for 134 days…) very very soon. & it also kind of sounds like you’d rather I be gone already. Which I get, because it’s probably PRETTY EXHAUSTING TO ASK THE SAME QUESTION EVERY TIME YOU SEE ME ON CAMPUS.

So for those of you still confused or with serious memory loss issues, as I stated above I leave on February 28th, put it in your calendar, tell your friends, get it trending (#Feb28th), because I refuse to say that date again before I leave. 

If you couldn’t tell, I’m getting a little antsy to leave so if my blogs turn a little anxious, please forgive me <3



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