Trip Prep

Here’s a little how to for y’all: how to prepare for international travel.

1. Make a packing list. I live for lists (clearly). I started mine last week, and it includes not only what I can’t forget to pack (mostly socks, I wanna make sure I’m set on that), but also what I still need to buy (there’s so much, why). It’s a great way to get organized. And I can be pretty unorganized at times…

2. Which leads me to point number 2: locate passport. I’ve lost mine like 4 times now and my mom is legitimately worried to send me to another country. But I mean I find it every time so idk what the problem is? Thankfully I know where it’s at right now, which extra important because I finally have my appointment at the Chilean consulate set up for next week to get my visa! Cuttin it a little close but that’s kind of a theme with me I think.

3. Put together your airplane survival kit. I love airports, they’re seriously so exciting. But airplanes suck. You never know who you’re gonna get stuck sitting next to (and BO is 10 times worse when you’re in an enclosed space for 3 hours). Plus my ears always kill on the descent. If you were thinking about commenting and letting me know about that awesome new invention called “gum,” refrain- been there tried that really doesn’t work that well. However, I will literally try anything, so gum still makes it into the survival kit. Contents include:

  • neck pillow (never used one of these, but I recently made the tough decision to not bring my pillow pet with me, because I’m a grown up now (lol), so I don’t want to be left with a window seat and nothing to lean on, uk?)
  • ibuprofen
  • gum (the good stuff, none of that big red junk. and nothing spearmint)
  • a snack (something healthy. or something chocolate. idk. my sister makes these weird protein ball things that look like meatballs but are actually like peanut butter & chocolate chips & granola so I’m gonna try to convince her to make me some of those for the trip)
  • refillable water bottle
  • Sudoku (judge me all you want but I refuse to stare at the back of the seat in front of me for the whole trip. I get bored so quickly)
  • a book
  • headphones

4. Check and make sure you have a ride to the airport set up. And also make sure you actually booked tickets.

5. Make itinerary. Everybody does this, right? Or no just me..?? After interning at this events management company for the last couple months, it has really opened my eyes to a whole new level of organization. And I kinda like it.

6. Buy cute luggage/ luggage tags. I’m going shopping with my mom on Saturday & I can’t even wait. I already have these really cute luggage tags from Target (thanks Dawn <3) but I need actual luggage to go with them still.

7. Buy tissues for your mom. Because she is going to be crying when you walk away. Hard.

8. Put together a list of emergency contact information. This is still on my to do list, but I need to make sure I have my study abroad contacts’ numbers, both in the states and down in Chile, as well as like Chile’s version of 911 and also their number for Jimmy Johns.

9. Have phone translator ready, as well as actual Spanish-English dictionary (still need to get that one too).

10. Go to your bank and make sure your debit card will work in a different country. Still need to do that. Also, need to find my debit card.

There ya go, international trip prep 101. You can trust me too, I’ve never been out of the country but I definitely think I know what I’m talking about.



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