Visa 4 Viña

Finally on my way to Chicago to get my visa. The megabus, which is my least favorite form of transportation on the planet, has one redeeming quality- free wifi. This way I won’t die of boredom on this 6 hour ride. 

Besides the whole getting my visa thing, I’m also pretty excited to see some of my favorite old friends that now live in the windy city. 

My mom asked me probably 20 times before I got on the bus if I was scared or nervous to travel by myself. Not even a little but you asking me a billion times is freaking me out a little, yeah. But I’m actually an adult so you don’t need to hold my hand thank you though <3

I’m pretty sure the consulate couldn’t have picked a more inconvenient time to schedule me. Tuesday morning? Ya sure people usually don’t have work on MTW so it’s fine. I worked a little bit over the weekend though so that makes up for it kinda. 

K wish me luck!



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