AIFS travel tips

Just found a link to a pre-departure guide on AIFS’s website. That would have come in handy these past couple of weeks. How did I not even think to check the website for something like this.. Literally don’t know how I am going to survive another country lol #actuallynervous.

But it was super helpful. Top things — 

-I will only need $300 of spending money. At first I thought that totally couldn’t be accurate, but then my dad had me look at it another way. I won’t have to pay for gas or food down there, which is like 75% of my budget here so that’s probably closer to accurate than I had originally thought. My dad didn’t factor in lollapalooza though so… 

-I should pack lightly. Sorry what?

-I shouldn’t forget my contact lenses. Thank you for that obvious tip I appreciate it.

-I should wait to exchange money at a bank & not do it at the airport bc they’ll rip me off. That was actually valuable info I think.

-I shouldn’t wear sweatpants. I’ve known this for a while but it still hurts every time I read it. 

-My señora will do my laundry for me. This was the best news I had received all day.  And I got my visa a.k.a. my ticket out of the country today, sooo if that helps you to gauge my level of relief and happiness at all…

-I should leave my laptop at my homestay. This thing is like always glued to my side that sounds impossible… Like I know it’s for security reasons but still.

I’m getting so excited. I can’t believe I’ll be getting on a plane in less than two weeks, so crazy.



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