The Bachelor is the Stupidest

Have you watched this show? It’s actually ridiculous.

I’ll summarize how the game works. This guy gets 12 (i don’t actually know how many bc i don’t actually care to look it up) naive girls to fall for him, all of them hoping that they’re the one for him. And then he eliminates them one by one. Breaking their poor sad little hearts.

And the girls that are left try to act like they’re friends and give each other congratulatory hugs like “yay you got a rose too” but like that’s their competition, so I don’t get how they’re all acting like they’re friends when they’re all “in love” with the same guy. How is that not awk.

I’m literally mad about this show. Like buddy your life is sad that you need to go on a tv show and chain date all these girls just to find a fiance. And how can you act like you’re in love with all of these girls at once, like that’s so dumb.

But I guess if these girls are stupid enough to go on this show then they gotta know they’re probs gonna get their hearts broken. 

Two thumbs down. Like 1.5 stars (and that’s just cuz the drama makes me laugh honestly).

Also I’m leaving the country in 4 days so that’s cool.


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