My Internship

So today was the last day of my 2 and a half month internship with Conference Event Management (CEM). It was an amazing experience, and I learned a ton.

Like that meetings are actually important. Michelle DeClerck, my boss and owner of CEM, was all about meetings. That was definitely one aspect of her management that I really enjoyed, because everyone always knew what they were supposed to be doing and were held accountable for it. At my sister’s pharmacy rotation in Tennessee, her colleagues joked about having too many meetings and not enough hands on practice. I guess there’s a difference between hospital work and office work… but that statement still surprised me a bit because I thought meetings were kind of what kept business moving forward, no matter what field you were in. They did remark, however, that some of the meetings were pointless and not needed. When I met with Michelle, that was not the case, as we were always either reviewing projects I had completed or going over instructions on how to complete upcoming projects.

I also learned a bit about what type of office I want to work in when I’m older. And that is a messy busy loud office I think. CEM was more lowkey, which was fine, I learned more about organization as a result, and stayed on task pretty easily.

Another thing I learned, however, was that I want to be in a job where some type of creativity or problem solving is involved. Some of my favorite projects that I got to work on were the ones where I got to mess around in a spreadsheet or create a word search for a client’s incentive trip or research a resort in napa. Those were fun tasks, so I’m glad I figured the kind of work I enjoy. I think if that’s the direction I want to go, an office environment like the one described above would be the most stimulating. 

Another thing I loved about this internship was the time flexibility. I made my own schedule, so if I couldn’t come in one day or had to leave early, that was fine with them. I’m okay with a set in stone schedule, but this was really nice. My dad is realtor, and he’s constantly trying to convince me to go into the “family business” (lol one generation that doesn’t count) by telling me how he lays out every day in the summer. Which is tempting. Maybe when I’m like the CEO of Principal they’ll give me the afternoons off in the summer.

The last part that I loved was doing something different every day. Whether it was comparing expense reports, writing web copy, filling out a test registration, or boxing up girl scout cookies to send to our clients as a V-day treat, they always kept me on my toes. I definitely want to be in a job with variety when I’m older. If I have to stare at a screen and type in numbers all day I will die. That’s just not the career for me.

It was so cool to see different aspects from my management and business classes incorporated into real life situations. The CBPA definitely prepared me for this internship, and made me just that more thankful to be at Drake. Also, an email from them is what alerted me to the job opportunity in the first place, so I really owe my friends in the career center, thanks guys. 

& speaking of job opportunity… they’re hiring sooo if you have 2 or more years of event planning experience hit ’em up. 



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