First Days

So we arrived in Santiago yesterday morning, after a 9 hour flight (the longest I’ve ever been on) and maybe 5 hours of sleep. After an hour and a half drive to Viña del Mar, we arrived and met with our host families. I don’t think I was expecting my family to speak only Spanish. Which was stupid of me, like duh, if an exchange student came to my house I would speak only English. 

So that has been the biggest struggle for me, the language barrier. I’m sure it will improve as my Spanish improves. Which is dependent upon my Spanish improving so wish me luck on that. 

They basically just talk at me and I laugh and smile or hit em with a “si!” But I only ever half understand what they’re saying. For example, I think I accidentally told my host mom that I hate dogs, which is so great cuz so does she! Except I love dogs so my b. Why didn’t I review more Spanish, seriously so dumb.

However, I found out I can put Spanish subtitles on Gossip Girl so I’m gonna learn that way.

Classes start on Thursday, so I have a few days of downtime/orientation. My host mom took me to tour the city today, and it is everything I was expecting and more. HUGE mall, gorgeous beach, beautiful buildings, so many people, and we passed two starbucks <3 Image

So excited. 



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