Week One √

One week down, just a few more to go. The first week was full of sun and Spanish and new friends and new food and lots of walking. It was awesome and I can’t believe it has only been 8 days. It feels like I’ve been here and known these people for months. 

I’m pretty sure my Spanish is getting worse. Like I used to be able to understand it really well, and now I can’t at all. Maybe it’s just the accent but I’m hoping I’ll get used to it soon because it’s so frustrating. I wanna be able to connect with my fam but I literally suck so much at speaking the language. I have to like pause before every sentence I try to construct. Even the simplest stuff, it takes me like a full minute to put it all together into something that they may or may not even understand. I hope I never have a real emergency because I can say like “help” but they’re not gonna know whether I need food or the emergency room or starbucks or what. 

I experienced my first earthquake. At 2 in the morning. The entire room was shook me out of my sleep and into a dazed and slightly terrified consciousness. My host mom ran into my room to make sure I knew everything was fine and it was just a small ‘terremoto.’ So scared to experience a big one.

I’ve also met some awesome people. The other students in my program are all so cool, as well as the other exchange students from the U.S. and around the world. So many different cultures together, so sweet. The chilenos we’ve meet too are so great. It’s hard when they speak no english but thankfully a lot of them speak a little bit and we can switch back in forth to make kind of a complete conversation. 

& then there’s the beach. Image

So beautiful. I think yesterday was the first day we didn’t make a trip out to it. 

This is gonna be a sweet semester, I can already tell.





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