Send Milk

Not money. Because what am I gonna do with that. Buy milk?

They have it here but it’s a little bit off. & I just really want it right now.

I bought a new hat today. Not because I needed it. But it wasn’t an impulse buy either. I was seeing these girls wearing them all over the place and I wanted one, bad. 

Not as bad as I want milk though.

The thought just ran through my head that a cow would probably ship easier than milk since you wouldn’t have to refrigerate it. So I’m clearly gaining a lot of that missing common sense this semester in Chile.

I went for a run yesterday. It was embarrassing how out of breath I was. I haven’t exercised in weeks. I am so sore. You don’t really need legs right? Because I’m about to just call it quit on these ones. I can’t even move from my bed.

My advisor is trying to hook me up with an internship at Principal in Santiago. The only problem is that he thought I knew Spanish. Yeah this is awkward I’m only 3 semesters deep, and got by from a lot of help from native speakers and google translate. Sooo… yeah no not proficient probably. I’d settle for a job shadow?

This is a picture of me with my host family from this weekend. They r gr8.


I fought the urge to buy donuts today. They just looked so familiar. Like home. And also they looked like they probably tasted okay too. I was going to justify it by saying I missed the states… but self-control prevailed.

Today in class we learned about Latin American modernity and it’s dark mother colonialism. It was interesting. I’m not a politics major so I’m really enjoying this class and being able to discuss history and issues and stuff. 

I’m thinking of changing my major. Kindergarten teacher? Then I could teach kids ABCs and finger paint all day. When my advisor (mentioned previously) reads this he may panic but I think this is just a fleeting dream don’t worry.

My friend and I went to look at salons today so she can get her hair done. Her parents are both Dominican, but she was born in the states. Her Spanish is flawless and I’m so jealous. I know enough to read the sign that says $6 manicure though. I am in.

I just wanna know Spanish already. 

New word for your vocab — tuto. It’s like nap. So you would say like “Tengo tuto” to be like I need to take a nap. Try it out on your friends.

So I can at least come away from this knowing I learned one word. And that I like sushi now. 

Chao besosss


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