international love

Not like love love but like friendliness. That’s just the name of a song so I thought it would be a good title… which it is.

The people here are so nice. They told us beforehand that people from foreign countries sometimes have a jaded view of people from the United States. But everyone here could not be friendlier. 

A few examples:

I met this guy named Charlie a few days ago at the bus stop. He was selling candy (I think, it looked like chocolate at least). So he came up to me and started talking to me, trying to sell to me and I said no thanks (we are equally surprised at this outcome). But as soon as I opened my mouth and he discovered I was not a Chilena (common mistake, unless your keen eye takes notice of my pale skin and/or my discomfort with wearing jeans in public as opposed to sweatpants (sweatpants if you’re reading this I miss you)), he got all excited and started a conversation with me. It began with “Me Charlie,” in probably the cutest introduction since Tarzan met Jane. Except it was an old street vendor and not a hot shirtless jungle man (South America seriously where are you hiding those). But besides the point. We then continued on to have a broken conversation in Spanish about why I was here and where I was from. Then he told me to enjoy my time in Chile and hopped on the next bus. Such a nice interaction. 

Then there’s my host family, who are literally the greatest people alive. My Spanish is awful. But they still attempt to communicate & connect with me. I want so badly to learn the language, if only so that I can have like real conversations with them and bond with them more. 


Also, there’s the group of Chilenos we met randomly one night who have continued to hang out with us and let us know which cabs to use and which places we need to try out and where not to go any given weekend. We have a starbucks date tomorrow night because they’re actually the best. & starbucks <3


& Barbara who is mayyybe my fave Chilena. Have you ever met those people that you’re just like instant friends with? I’m pretty sure this girl has never met someone who she HASN’T connected with like that. She has been so so welcoming and inviting. She’s asked me to join her with her friends on multiple occasions, even though I know it has to be a burden when I speak like no Spanish and end up relying on her translations for most of the night (thx ily). But I always have a blast and have loved being able to see how Chileans hang out and what they do for fun (pretty similar to Iowa except the food is better sry Iowa). On top of hanging out with me, she helps me practice my Spanish. Which is really so gracious because it’s shocking how bad I am. (I’m getting better though, prometo) (lol at that lie because I just had to google translate how to say promise but I was totally gonna act like I knew it all along. i’m kind of improving. nothing substantial I don’t think. maybe by July).


& then there’s the dogs. Which are all way friendly. 



Come to Chile they’re all really nice people and they dress really nicely and speak really good Spanish.




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