not sure how i feel about cab drivers

So we (me & Brooklyn, another Drake student who’s studying in a neighboring city this semester) went to Santiago this weekend for Lollapalooza. It was sick. Sick in a good way in case you’re not up to date with the kool kid slang these days. 

We got there Friday night and, after checking into our SWEET hotel, headed to the largest mall in South America, the Costeñera Center. Our plan was to eat and shop. However, since we think first with our stomachs and then with our brains though, we ate first and by the time we had finished, all the stores were closed. Total bummer. The food court sushi we had was amazing though, as was our view from the roof as we ate it. The sushi here is seriously unbelievable.

First encounter with cab driver: Positive vibes. Asked us if we were from Brasil. Because of our amazing Spanish accents and dark skin I think. 

Then we met up with my Chilena friend for the rest of the night. We ended up walking much more than we had planned. Which ended up being an unfortunate theme for our weekend. 

Saturday we ate the most amazing breakfast. There may have been manjar involved. And kiwi. And bread (of course). Bread is for breakfast lunch and dinner here, which is fine by me <3 Then we headed to grab our wristbands so we wouldn’t have to wait later. Then back to the mall because we needed clothes. Clothes here are more expensive. So that’s pretty rough. Then back to lolla for the actual concert. Literally such a blast. We ran into friends at a few points but it was mostly just Brookie and I the whole time. Image


So fun. Until we left. I got way too wrapped up in the street empanada I was eating and we ended up walking past the metro and decided to catch a cab. Which is where cab driver experience numbers 2, 3, and 4 come in.

Second encounter: We walked for about 30 minutes before finally finding an empty cab. Then the cab driver informed us it would be a minimum of 10 mil ($20 back in the states) to drive us to our hotel. I would rather sleep on the street than pay over 20 bucks for a cab that’s taking us 6 blocks. 

Third encounter: 10 minutes later, another cab slows down, and when Brooklyn turns to ask if he’s free, he makes a kissing noise at us, winks, and drives off. Ok very helpful thank you.

Fourth encounter: Finally on a main road, about 50 minutes into our midnight stroll, another cab stops for us. We tell him where we’re going and he says it’s only two blocks down, very close. K so you’re not going to drive us there? Thanks no I needed the exercise after that empanada anyways. 

70ish minutes after leaving lolla, we arrive back at the hotel and totally crash. At least we didn’t spend any money on a cab, silver lining right?

Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel again (bread w manjar, coffee, more bread, and this chocolate cereal), and headed back to the mall (we might have a problem) to eat & shop more. Then back to lolla where we met up with some friends for the rest of the day. Such a blast, and we got to see Lorde & Kid Cudi ahhh. We (Brooklyn, myself, and our friend Carson) decided kind of last minute that we wanted to stay another night, so we didn’t have to miss the end of the festival. Probably a bad idea. Since all of the hostels in the entire city were already booked. We spent the whole night driving around to different hostels and calling them with no luck. 

Fifth encounter: This cab driver was the best. I wish I had gotten his name because he literally saved us I think. He drove us to different places and talked to information on the phone for us and didn’t overcharge us and helped us finally find a hotel that was only kind of overpriced. He said one day he’d come to the states and we’d repay the favor. So if anyone ever comes across a Chilean cab driver that needs a favor you should help him out because he might actually be an angel.

Takeaways from this weekend:

-always plan out the entire trip.

-wear walking shoes, just in case.

-manjar is delicious.

-i love sushi.

-i love kid cudi.

-still not sure how i feel about cab drivers.

This is another fun picture of our weekend:Image


Okay chao chao


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