Weekend Vacay en Pucon

This weekend we went to Pucon, which is in like the central-south of Chile in Patagonia. I think. I wasn’t really looking at a map on the TWELVE hour bus ride to get there, just attempting to get more than 30 minutes of sleep at a time. We kept stopping to pick up more people (although in an argument that I won (mostly out of pity), my travel companions and I agreed that none of those stops were in Santiago). We got to Pucon Friday morning and headed to our hostel to drop our things off, then headed to the hotsprings for a grueling day of nonstop relaxation.



Then we grabbed dinner (a completo because I like food) and chilled at our hostel for the rest of the night. Our hostel was sweet by the way- if you’re ever in Pucon you should definitely stay at the Princesa Insolente. There was breakfast every morning and a bonfire every night. Saturday we woke up early (8:30, the sun had only been up for maybe an hour, like what do I look like a rooster?) and headed off for a day of canyoning! Which if you don’t know what that means you’re not alone. I had no idea until we reached the first waterfall of our hike and they attached a rope to our harness and told us we were going to rapel down it. That’s canyoning. It was actually a blast. In between waterfalls, we walked through some of the most amazing scenery I’ve ever experienced– through ravines and creek beds and what I think may have been parts of the Amazon (we had to have been close right? i’ll check it out on a map and let ya know). So beautiful. This is me after I fell down what I was told was a “slide” but actually ended up being like a 10 foot drop into this shallow little pool: 


Everyone else did it right but I mixed up my left and my right. Happens to a lot of people I’m sure. The most exciting/scary part of the day was on the last waterfall, when I slipped and spun my entire body into the side of the mountain. Thankfully my helmet was on for this one and I’m 100% okay! (minus a few bruises and whiplash and probably a minor concussion. i’m just gonna walk it off though.) We went back to the hostel for lunch after our eventful morning and chilled there for the rest of the night. Sunday we didn’t have any plans. The guys went rafting, and I figured since I couldn’t move my neck without moving my whole body, an action sport (is rafting a sport?) probably wasn’t the best idea for me. So the rest of us headed to explore the little town of Pucon. And eat. Because as I mentioned before, I’m like really into food. Nutella crepes and a cappuccino for brunch, then ceviche and empanadas for lunch. We also checked out a few of the local shops. I bought mittens they’re so cute. 

The bus ride back was a lot better than the ride there. I was exhausted from the long weekend so I passed out for the majority of it. When I woke up we were back in Viña, and I headed home to get ready for my class at 10.

Life in Chile is almost surreal. Sometimes I nap and sometimes I yoga and sometimes I travel and then unfortunately sometimes I actually have class, so it’s really “the best of times and the worst of times” (the worst being class, the best being the relaxation and incredible new experiences, in case you were confused).

k chao chao



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