Drake Visits Chile, I Plan My Visit To NYC

Three days ago I got a visit from one of my favorite Drake professors, @MattCMitch. 



He and another Drake administrator (Gretchen Beckley, Director of the International Center) came to check out a few universities to look at the possibilities for an exchange program. It’s so awesome that Drake has such a commitment to internationalization. I feel like it is the perfect place for an international business major, as our international presence and influence continues to grow.

That same day, I booked my tickets to NYC for the end of this summer (and by me I mean my awesome stepmom who did all the work and used all her miles on me thank you thank you thank you). When I messaged her to ask for her help, the first thing she said was “You’re not even home yet and you’re planning your next trip… I love it.” 

It’s not just traveling to travel though. The purpose of the trip is to get my fix of Steph & Zach, two of my favorite people that I’ve met in Chile, because I’ll most likely be going through significant withdrawal by the time August 5th rolls around. I’m so excited. I’ll get to sight-see with two of my best friends in New York, and visit Boston which is a brand new city for me. It’s a fortunate coincidence that they live just 3 hours from each other. 

I was not expecting to meet such amazing and interesting people as I’m meeting here. People that make it feel like, although I’m in a completely different country experiencing a completely different culture, I’m also completely at home. If that makes sense?

Go abroad, you won’t regret it.



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