semana santa, beachside

So this past week was Semana Santa, or the holy week that comes right before Easter Sunday. It was a little different this year for a couple reasons. 

The first reason is that I didn’t get to spend it with my family. And look how cute my little munchkin nephew was. Image(Baby Ethan^)

The second reason is that I’m in a Latin American country this year. Semana Santa is taken a little more seriously down here, so that meant extra Easter events, where Catholic traditions were conducted using the Spanish language, both of which I’m not 100% familiar with. On Friday we went to this beautiful ceremony on the beach in Reñaca. The people of Viña (and Valpo and Reñaca and ConCon and etc) all came out to light candles and walk the 14 stations of the cross. We got there a little late (which is sort of a theme for my semester in Chile) and had to walk briskly to the first station. On the beach. Which is so much harder than it looks, definitely my workout for the day (week). As the ceremony began, a voice started speaking over the loudspeakers (possibly God?), in what I can only assume was an explanation of each station. I caught the general feel of his story. When each stage was finished, the crowd recited a prayer and sang a hymn while moving down the beach to the next station. It was beautiful. 


(people and candles^)


(my beautiful host mom brought to tears^)

Somehow on Easter Day, the conejo de Pascua found my door, all the way in Chile (thanks Maritza<3). And to make things even better, my mom sent me a package that arrived this morning, complete with my favorite cadbury Easter eggs.

A beautiful Easter weekend.



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