Relays 2014

Just kidding still in Chile. 

Thursday night I got to celebrate Relays South American style with my kappa sister that’s down here as well, so that helped the homesickness a little bit. 

As much as I miss everyone back at Drake (AND IT’S REALLY A LOT), Chile is amazing. I’m having the time of my life and wouldn’t change my decision to study abroad ever.

This past Friday, my group and I went to Casablanca a.k.a. wine country and went on a tour of the vineyard. So beautiful. Then we did a wine tasting where I pretended to be an adult and used descriptive words such as “dry” and “complex.”

Currently, I’m sick/possibly on my deathbed. Which sucks but it’s happened to basically everyone here so it was only a matter of time. Since my Spanish is a little lacking, I’m thinking I’ll just ride out the sore throat and hope it gets better on it’s own. Or I could brave the pharmacy and try to explain el dolor en mi garganta (just looked that word up, not what i was expecting, not sure if i can even say that). That sounds a little risky but it may be necessary. 

Also in my update, I booked my plane ticket for the Atacama in a month! Chile’s got it all.



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