Weekend Update

We went to Pomaire this weekend and got to make pottery. It was a lot of fun. Except spinning pottery is not as easy as it looks. The guy was demonstrating and it took him like two seconds to make a really simple little bowl. So I got on my wheel with a lot of confidence and let’s just say I was not meant for pottery-making. I found that out very quickly. The instructor’s first impression was “Wow!” as in “Wow I didn’t know you could mess this up that bad!” He felt so bad for me though that he made this like really cute bowl thing/candle holder/i’ll probably use it for food. So tight. I also got to buy a few more souvenirs, including a present for my nephew that I am overly excited about.

Worst thing about this past week- not having a phone. I lost it last Thursday, and while it’s kind of freeing not to have to communicate with people constantly, it’s been terribly inconvenient. Mental pictures just aren’t the same as real pictures. That’s the part I miss most- not having a camera on my 24/7. 

Also the Bruins beat the Canadiens last night so that’s an exciting update right? I love hockey (jokes).

And today is mother’s day! I have the most wonderful mother in the world, and honestly believe I could not have survived this semester without her support. I was also blessed to have an amazing step-mother as well, who has grown to be a super important influence in my life. And to top it off, my lovely sister is celebrating her first legit mother’s day with baby Ethan. Love you all. Feliz Dia de las Madres.


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