Urban Dictionary’s definition of fomo:


Which is what I’m experiencing hardcore this week. It’s not that I’m homesick– I could not be happier down here in what may be my perfect city. But I am missing my family.

This Saturday my sister graduates from Drake’s pharm school. 6 long years of her hard work, and I’m missing it. Like it could be worse, I mean SHE could be missing it, that would be worse. But I’m still pretty bummed. After 4 years of sibling’s weekends, a year of attending the same school and having weekly study sessions (read: coffee dates), and a year of her rotations, she’s finally done. Which means no more weekly coffee dates. And no more working together as house staff at the Maxwell’s. And no more sporting events together (lol that’s a joke not sure if we’ve ever attended a sporting event together in our lives). She’s moving on to bigger and better things, and I could not be more proud of her. But there should be a word for proud & at the same time extremely sad. Wish I could be there to celebrate with you Kimmy, so proud<3

Today I got a message from my stepmom saying my dad collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital. Which, honestly, if I was in Des Moines, I probably would have remained pretty calm because the situation wasn’t super extreme. But being in another country and hearing that news was terrifying. What if something had happened, and I hadn’t been there. Just a little off-putting.

Also, in a few weeks, my nephew celebrates his first birthday. He’s very excited, can’t stop talking about it (lol joke, because he’s a baby and can’t speak). I’m sad that I’m missing milestones in his life that are not only important for him, but also a really big part of my older sister’s life. Her first baby celebrating his first birthday. My fam lives for sentimental stuff like that. I’ll be there in spirit though, happy birthday baby Ethan!

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve hopped on The Facebook and seen pics from kappa formal or from relays and just cried and cried. (author’s note: That’s an exaggeration for the sake of the reader, I didn’t actually cry) I miss my kappa sisters soo much. We found out our rooms for next semester and I literally almost jumped up and down- it’ll be so good to be back with my babes, with our study/snuggle sessions and late night runs to Paul Revere’s. Miss you guys. And Paul Revere’s. Almost equally.  

And then there’s finals. Every year I count down the hours to my favorite week of the year. When you walk into those classrooms, one number 2 pencil in hand (and a backup in your bag– you can never be too careful!) and see those fresh, crisp white exams sitting on your seat, just begging to be aced… I’m getting excited just thinking about it. The test taking isn’t even my favorite part though. The hours of late night studying- THAT has got to be my favorite part. Pretending you’re a law student just so you can get a good study spot and waste the night away laughing with your friends over Spanish conjugations and Economic models… fomo to the extreme. Have fun y’all! I’ll be on the beach, wishing I was in your place.

Besos, Chaooo


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