My Australian friends call our university “Uni,” which I think is very cute so I’ll refer to my school as that for the extent of this blog post.

Much to everyone’s surprise, among my weekend vacay trips cross country and almost-daily trips to get celebratory completos (we’re celebrating Chile obviously), I still have to go to Uni. Which I don’t mind because this view is really breathtaking. You can see all of Viña del Mar down below us and half of our neighboring city of Valpo. On top of that, there’s the ocean, which is always peppered with freighters (I think they’re the same ones as when we first arrived but I can’t be sure) and rays of sunshine. It gets especially beautiful at sunset, which I’m here for more days then I’m not. The first night the exchange students all got together to play futbol, and I got to see the gorgeous reds and oranges of the sunset above the sea, I knew I had picked the right place to go.

Unfortunately, the fact that I still have to come to Uni means I still have to do homework as well. And presentations. And tests. But my professors waited until this week to pile all of those on. So if you were wondering, yes it’s the same no matter what country you’re in. It has led to my most “stressful” week here. That’s in parentheses because I’m pretty sure stress here cannot be compared to my stress at home. At home, there’s a job, and 4 organizations, and classes to worry about, and I have to prioritize which gets done first. Here, there’s classes and relaxing. So when classes cause me stress I know that relaxation is just around the corner so I can’t really be that upset. 

I’m honestly learning a lot though. I’m taking a few history classes, which I haven’t taken at Drake, so it’s been interesting to connect these classes to the minimal amount of knowledge that I retained from my high school history classes. On top of that, I’m learning history and marketing and economics on a completely different continent, so it’s interesting to see the other point of view, the one that isn’t taught at schools in the states. I’m excited to bring this new point of view to my classes at Drake, and to my future job as well, wherever that may be!



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