Santiago Take 3

(I wrote this on Tuesday but wordpress is being a little snot so it’s just now allowing me to post. Sorry for the delay!)

We spent this past weekend in Santiago. Again. It was my favorite trip there so far, as almost nothing went wrong (besides missing out on the Chile/Egypt friendly on Friday night) and I got to relax the entire time. After my first trip to Santiago, I never wanted to go back. Lollapalooza was fun, but Santiago itself was too overwhelming for me to handle. The second trip included a bigger group and the presence of our advisor, so it ran more smoothly but broke the bank. I’m not sure how I spent so much money on just food and drinks and souvenirs. Which is the most common quote from my study abroad experience.

This last time was great though. We had decided to go because our class was taking a field trip to some museum on Friday and our professor thought it would be beneficial for us to see what it had to offer. It was not a disappointment. The theme of the exhibit was “landscapes,” and showed everything from beach scenes to social housing issues in Chile. It emphasized perception and reality, as well as taking note of how much our landscapes have changed over time due to human interaction. I learned more about art (while you probably thought I was already an art aficionado, because of how cultured I have become these past 3 months, I actually prefer to be anywhere but an art museum) and more about Chile’s history.

The rest of the weekend was shopping, eating, and relaxing. Three of my favorite things. Santiago gained a few points with me after this weekend. If you’re wondering what the scoreboard is for my point system, it’s something like this:

Des Moines – 121; ViΓ±a del Mar – 98; Chicago – 76; West Des Moines – 65; Santiago – 45

(Local coffee shops give certain #s of points depending on the quality and service, beaches give an automatic 40 points, the potential for adventure can give anywhere from 10 to 35 points, and general vibe makes up the rest of the points. The vibe can really make or break a city honestly. Points are taken away for: people bumping into you and not saying sorry, lack of Chinese restaurants, and the average number of cloudy days per year.)

After two great weekends of out-of-town travels, I’m excited to be in ViΓ±a again for this upcoming weekend. As many of my friends are leaving right after classes end, which is in just 18 days if anyone was curious, now is the time to do all the things we’ve been putting off. Like hiking La Campana and going horseback riding and getting tattoos. Wish me luck- I’ve made a pretty intense list of things I would like to do and I’m intent on crossing every one of them off my list.



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