World Cup – South American Edition

The world cup is so much better down here. Opening day was whatever, but on Friday when first, the Netherlands tore the last Mundial champions apart and second, Chile beat loser Australia, Viña blew up. Not literally but the atmosphere was so sweet. Everyone was excited for a Chile win and a good start for this month of futbol craziness.

I’m literally loving being down here for all of this. Every time you walk into a restaurant with a tv, there’s either a game or coverage of the cup live streaming. You just don’t get that in the states. (mostly because I think half the population of the U.S. doesn’t know what soccer is) 

I remember the cup four years ago and how maybe 5 of my friends were as excited for it as me. I am super pumped for the USA game on Monday. The intercambios of Viña/Valpo are all getting together to watch, and to celebrate what’s sure to be a U.S. win against Ghana. Hopefully.

I’m not sure that Chile will be as crazy when that win happens. But the exchange students will rage enough for everyone. Viva Chile, y Vamos USA!


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