Things to do in Iowa: Summerfest

So Summerfest is held in Ankeny (like 25 minutes north of Des Moines… 15 if you’re a good driver) and is basically the only thing that happens there all summer (besides a 3 v 3 soccer tourney that’s kinda fun too). As a result, every living being in Ankeny attends Summerfest at least one time in the 3 day time period.

It’s a carnival. So if these Ankenites try to gush to you about how great it is, they’re exaggerating. It’s exactly the same as every other carnival you’ve been to. It’s the iowa state fair on a smaller scale, just missing the livestock, but equally equipped with enough life-threatening rides and food items to satisfy the whole family.

That being said obvi it’s fun. I went up Saturday night because they have a praise & worship concert that my dad plays in. He plays the keyboard. And he sings. I tried to get him to wave to me but I guess that’s bad stage etiquette and also he was playing the keyboard which requires two hands. Then last night I headed back up to watch the fireworks with a few friends. One of my friends had just returned from her study abroad in Australia and was in need of a good ole’ American fireworks show. Ankeny didn’t disappoint there, it was great. Iowans are the best at being American #TheHeartland

Next year if you have nothing else to do Summerfest weekend you should check it out! There are corn dogs so…


photo (47)

^^ finale, which I missed mostly, because I was trying to get this picture


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