Things to do in Iowa: I Cubs

The Iowa Cubs are one of the greatest things Des Moines has to offer. Minor league baseball is arguably better than major league (really though come argue with me I <3 the cubbies). The stadium is just minutes from my house and attending games was one of my favorite memories growing up. As an adult (lol) it's still fun, except I can't win tickets from being a nerd at the nearest PLDM all summer.

My dad, stepmom and I went out Saturday evening to catch the double header against the Memphis Redbirds. We only stayed for one inning of the second game. Baseball games are so relaxing, and they have the best food. Our tickets sat us next to a loud group of fans ready to cheer on our I Cubs and like ten feet away from former all star Manny Ramirez. He's old now.

According to my dad, a die-hard Pirates fan (go bucs), the I-Cubs are supposed to be really good this year and next, as the cubbies are looking to improve their major league team by working harder down in the minors to bring up good players. I didn't ever check the stats to back him up but the games we saw were pretty good. In both, they started out the first inning with 3 runs. Not a bad way to kick off a game (although they lost the first and idk about the second.. not important though.. they played well).

If you come visit Des Moines for the summer, you'd be missing out not to come to a game. Especially on an evening like last Saturday- such a nice way to wind down after a busy workweek.

Go cubbies!


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