Scooter’s Coffee House Review

I tried Scooter’s today, the café that moved in where my beloved Starbucks (RIP) used to be.

My Professional Review of Scooter’s Coffee House:

Scooter’s Coffee House was a delightful experience all around. Walking through the door, I could immediately smell the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. I felt welcomed not only by the baristas behind the counter, but by the fellow guests as well. The vibe there was both comfortable and relaxing, with a hint of productivity. 

I let the cashier know that I had never been there, and was given suggestions on their best drinks. I ended up ordering a turtle latte because you can’t go wrong there. After ordering, the cashier mentioned a deal they were having where you receive a free drink if you purchase a $25 gift card. Knowing that I’d be back, and being unable to pass on anything with the word “promotion” in it, I purchased the gift card. Well done, Scooter’s marketing team. They then gave me a punch card where for every 5 drinks you purchase, you receive the 6th one for free. As a Starbucks gold card member, I have been used to a certain standard of rewards programs. This blew theirs out of the water. Again, kudos to Scooter’s marketing team. 

My drink was handed to me with a smile, and after one sip I was smiling as well. I sat down to read my book, and continued to enjoy the relaxing ambience of the soft music and warm smell of espresso. 

My Not As Professional Review of Scooter’s Coffee House:

The coffee was great, the vibe was even better. It’ll be the perfect early morning pick-me-up on my way to class, or study spot later in the evening. Yay for coffee, thank you Scooter’s for bringing moderately priced espresso drinks back into my life. <3


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