Secrets to Success (you’re welcome)

Here are a few tips to succeeding in college.

1. Write it down. A very wise friend of mine once said, “The biggest lie you can tell yourself is: I don’t need to write this down. I’ll remember it.” I don’t care if you know pi to 1000 places, write your assignments down. Not only has writing things down been proven to commit that better to your memory, but even the smartest people forget things once in a while. Exercise some common sense and utilize your planner.

2. Rest. Another wise mentor of mine, my father, gave me some very good advice when I entered college: “get some sleep.” I’m paraphrasing there. He said he understood that college sometimes meant late night study sessions and early morning classes, but to make sure to fit in a few naps and take your sleep seriously. Well rested means better focus and more energy.

3. Go to class. Even if your professor says he doesn’t take attendance. Even if the powerpoints are all online. I know I learn better from hearing something. But this means that if you are going to class, you have to pay attention. That means get off facebook and tune in. Do you realize how much you (or your parents) pay for these classes and this education? You’ll do better in your classes if you go to class, take notes, and pay attention. Period.

4. Get to know your professors. They’re kind of smart. Also very influential in your grade at the end of the semester. Beyond that- professors are usually actually pretty funny. And always helpful when you’re struggling.

5. Get involved. Getting involved in organizations also can lead to future successes. I know that in being a part of Kappa Kappa Gamma, a social sorority here at Drake, I’m held accountable to my sisters and my house to do well in school. On top of that, being involved in this organization leads to so many connections: people to do homework with, people to advise me on which professors to take, people to let me know about job and internship opportunities… If sororities aren’t your thing, these kind of benefits come from many organizations! Professional fraternities, academic clubs, etc, all keep you accountable and help when you need support.

Those are just five little tips from me to you. I’m sure you’ve heard them all before, but if you’re struggling with classes this semester, or confused on how to make the transition from high school to college classes, try incorporating some of these things and watch as your grade increases and your life gets better. You’re welcome.


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