The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship

“The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too” < that is really what I think of every time I hear the name in the title of this post.

Although it’s a mouthful, I never understood before this past week what exactly this wordy organization did on campus. When asked what they had accomplished here, I responded that they sponsored a lot of really cool speakers and panels with global perspectives. As an international business major, I learned a lot from attending these events, and was thankful for the opportunities the PFG CfGC had put forth on our campus.

But then, it was brought to my attention that this center actually did a whole lot more than just hire speakers for the student body. And that I was silly for thinking a powerhouse company would start an organization that was simply a speaker’s guild.

Speakers and On Campus Events. While this isn’t all they do, it is something important that they have been a part of the past 3 years at Drake. One of the most memorable for myself was the panel of Islamic finance experts. I had no idea the rules and regulations that went along with this growing financial sector. You can read more about that event here:

2 The Global and Comparative Public Health Concentration. The center introduced an entire new curriculum dedicated to making Drake students more globally oriented. While they have International Business and International Relations majors, the health sciences didn’t really have anywhere they could focus on global issues. Until now of course. Along with that, the center has worked to develop new classes in other colleges of the university that focus more on globalization.

3 Faculty Development. The center has worked to develop more internationally minded faculty as well as students. They have done this by sponsoring faculty led trips abroad, as well as promoting new ideas for curriculum with global aspects.

4 Global Ambassador Program. This program offers students to complement their major area of study with additional classes and extra curricular activities with global focuses. This includes 50 hours of volunteer work, which in turn gives back to our Des Moines community.

You can read more about the PFG CfGC on Drake’s website at The center has done so much for our university, and deserves a huge amount of recognition. I know that my undergraduate experience would not be as internationally enlightened without their involvement at Drake.


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