Parents Weekend is Nice

So parent’s weekend is nice for me. I put off seeing my family until this weekend most years just so I can feel more independent, but then I give in because everyone else on campus is doing the same. Nice.

This year, Kappa Klassic falls during parents weekend, which is really nice also. I get to play golf with my dad (bright&early) tomorrow morning, as well as work with my sisters to raise money for a good cause ( Hopefully I can get a little better at golf while I’m at it. Apparently you’re supposed to know how to do golf, being in the business world and everything.

Tonight I get see BOTH of my beautiful sisters and their families, as well as my amazing mother (who is cooking for us, excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth). Home cooking is nice. Home cooked dessert is even nicer.

Parents weekend two years ago, we went to the football game. I have been to one football game since then (sorry DU football team, that’s not nice of me, I’ll do better.)

IMG_3008Picture circa 2012

Other things on my plate for this weekend – catering Saturday night (which means another free meal which is 1)______ (fill in the blank, answer listed below)), volunteering for CCC’s flapjack 5k on Sunday morning (handing out water cups is much nicer than struggling through a 5k I think), playing for Kappa’s intramural soccer team on Sunday afternoon (will be nice when we WIN), and then working another dinner on Sunday night (that’s free meal number 3, this is how you know I’m a junior a.k.a. experienced college kid). Nice right?


ǝɔıu (⇂ :sɹǝʍsuɐ


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