Poetry is not actually art.

It looks like it could be art.

It’s not.

^^Did you know that could be considered poetry. Like prose I think but I could call that poetry. Last night I went to PFG CFGC’s event with international writers held downtown at the Des Moines social club (which is the coolest place). My Spanish professor promoted it to our class because there was a Cuban writer performing.

So by performing that means poets go up and either do or don’t explain a little bit about their poem (generally didn’t make a difference for me, I was very confused) and then read us the poem. Which is basically random words put together in a way that makes sense to the poet and no one else. The Cuban writer was the most interesting. His poems were more like songs, with one of those square drums you sit on to use. (Like a beat box? That might be what they’re called?) Songs are the only kind of poetry that make sense. Art is supposed to be beautiful in some type of way, and some of the poems they read didn’t even make sense to me so how am I supposed to find beauty in that? If there’s music involved it’s much easier to see. For me at least.

The only other interesting woman told like short stories that didn’t make a ton of sense but they were funny. Which I consider humor a kind of beauty, it makes you happy the same way I think. The other people I just couldn’t get on board with. I think it’s better that I figured out before rather than later how I feel about poetry though. That way I can avoid future poetry readings. Never again.

It’s fun in college to figure out what you do and don’t like. Most things go on my like list. This one didn’t make the cut, but that’s okay.

Sorry if you’re reading this and you’re a poet, I think everyone just has a different way of expressing themselves, and if that’s how you get it done then more power to you.



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