Learn Something New Every Year

I think this is such a valuable piece of advice. When you’re in school this is easy, because you’re constantly learning new things, but once you graduate I feel like it gets a little bit harder. I think it’s so smart to commit yourself to learning one new thing every year, so here’s a list of some options for you to get started:

Bartending. I’m doing this right now actually. I bought a groupon for an online bartending class. This is a skill that is totally transferable I think. After class number one, I now know how to cut lemon wedges so that’s worth $20 bucks for an online certificate in my book. Plus I heard the tips were really good.

Knitting. Been there done that. I matured (into a 50 year old woman apparently) at a very young age. I’m bad at this but some find it relaxing.

Yoga. I’ve been trying this a little bit this year but I plan on putting a lot more effort in it in 2k15 (getting my New Year’s Resolutions started already, ayooo). This is also supposed to be super relaxing. Plus there’s so much history to learn about here as well. Look into it maybe.

Learn a Language. I’ve been trying this one out for a few years now. But this is more of an ongoing process for me. One really cool app that can help you get started on a language is called duolingo. It’s free and it’s kind of like a game in that they make you play little learning games to improve your foreign language skills. Definitely worth looking into.

Gardening. I think this is more for when you retire and have time for the nurturing and responsibility raising a family of plants calls for. You can even make it a veggie garden and cut back on costs at the grocery store! How rewarding! *(This only applies if vegetables are your thing. They’re not my thing. So neither will gardening ever be.)*

Instruments. Take a lesson or two. If you’re a little short on money, a lot of people on Youtube like to pretend like they’re good at instruments. Find the ones that are actually good and try to learn from them.

Art. If you read my last post then you already know my stance on poetry. However, try to find a new way to express yourself this year! Maybe that’s drawing, or painting, or photography, or calligraphy… or even poetry. There are so many things to explore under this point. But you’ve got a lot of years so that’s okay.

Cooking. Which is really just another form of art honestly. Cooking is a good way to pick up a future mate, a good way to feed yourself, a good way to learn about other cultures, etc. You can’t really go wrong here. I haven’t gotten to this one yet but I’m in college so it’s probably not important until I can afford resources other than a microwave and a box of easy mac.

Budgeting. This is something I’m working on too. I got as far as making an excel spreadsheet to track my spending. I haven’t gotten as far as to actually limit what I’m spending under each category every month. So that’s a work in progress.

There are only 9 on my list but there are PLENTY of other things out there you can improve your skills on (public speaking, driving [IOWA DRIVERS I’m lookin’ at 98% of you], writing) or learn for the very first time (self defense, tennis, long division). If you commit yourself to one a year, think of how much better and well rounded you will be as a human, as well as more confident in yourself and your new found skills.

Good luck have fun!


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