Fall Visit Days

I recently got nominated to represent the World Language and Culture program at Drake’s fall visit day luncheons, which is weirdly exciting for me. We had a meeting yesterday and talked about all the great things Drake has to offer and all of the great things we as students have been doing and it was literally so fun. The woman in charge is SO excited about Drake, and her passion was seriously contagious.

I love that I’m representing our WLC program, because it gets a bad rap so often. Drake DOES offer languages, and as proof, I can now have full conversations en Español cuando solamente dos años pasado no sabía nada. That may not be correct grammar, but I still know much more than I did two years ago when I came here. Although we don’t have language minors here, the certificate of competence is comparable I think. Either way I’m learning a new language. Who cares what I call that on my resume. In addition, I’ve gotten to learn so much about other cultures that I can carry into my future as well.

The other representatives were so interesting to hear from in our meeting, and seemed equally as excited as me. One girl representing our Political Science major (I believe) was talking about how she created her own focus on Middle Eastern policies and is traveling in November with a group of other students and professors to Turkey to do further research in that area. Another girl representing Psychology spoke of her involvement in Psychology clubs on campus and how that has only increased her love of the subject, along with helping her to get more connected with Psychology professionals and work more closely with the real world.

It was seriously so cool to hear about what my classmates are doing, and exciting to me that I actually have a reason to put my Drake experience into more of an elevator speech now to share with incoming students. I’m excited to show students the value of our language program and how that has positively affected my past 2 and a half years here. Having these conversations will be so rewarding, and I can’t wait to share my love of Drake with these wonderful prospective students.


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