Things I Love About Fall (Drake Themed)

1. Salted Caramel Mochas. More specifically- the fact that my favorite barista KNOWS I love this fall drink and we smile every time we see each other because we both know the words that I’m about to say… “Nonfat Salted Caramel Mocha pleeeease” (followed by two joyous smiles). It’s the little things, ya know?

2. Football Games. So actually I haven’t been to a football game this year at all (I know I’m sorry bulldogs) but I totally plan on it! I just always forget to.. But usually they’re one of my favorite things about fall. I love fall weather, and being outside to enjoy it is the best. Especially when I get to support a team while doing it.

(Along the same lines- sry to the boys & girls soccer teams also, I’m just busy, it’s not you it’s me.)

3. The Leaves. Is that cliche? Yes. I don’t care. They’re so beautiful on Drake’s campus. It’s like all of them choose to change at a different time so that the campus can always be filled with the widest array of beautiful fall colors. Gorgeous.

4. Fall Break. It always comes at the perfect time- stressed out about school, so sleep deprived I’m on the brink of dreamstate in every one of my classes, missing my family (dog)… Perfect timing DU. I’m SO ready to travel the long road home (10 mins) and visit some of my friends this weekend and then sleep for two straight days. And study maybe.

5. Boots & Sweaters. I love being comfortable. Boots and Sweaters are my life in the fall/winter. I love it.

6. Homecoming. Drake shows it’s students so much love during homecoming, it’s so great. I feel like ours is mega late this year but still exciting. Nothing like high school, but still nice.

7. Covered Bridge Fest. This actually has nothing to do with Drake, but is on my list of exciting activities for this weekend. One of my longest friends and I always take a trip out to Winterset for the Covered Bridge Festival, which is like a smaller lamer version of the fair. With root beer and pulled pork sandwiches and kettle corn. I can’t wait, I love fall traditions.

8. Parents Weekend. I know I already wrote about this but it’s still one of my favorite parts of fall. This year, one of my best friends came to visit her brother and completely surprised me. It was the highlight of my week/month/year?

mollie kaya kappa

9. The Weather. I know I briefly mentioned this above, but fall weather makes any activity more fun. Whether it’s running a 5k with a friend or walking downtown or drinking a coffee outside, I love being outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. The one time of year Iowa weather is bearable.



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