AIB Southeast 2014, MIAMI

So you may remember last year, a group of students and I joined a few of our professors to travel to Atlanta, GA for a conference on International Business Research… You don’t remember so here: AIB Southest 2013, Atlanta.

This year, the conference is being held in sunny Miami! Where it has not stopped raining since our arrival.

(But that’s a lie because there was a brief break last night around 7:30 which allowed us to take advantage of the outdoor hot tub, ayooo)

But actually I want to take a minute to thank Drake once more for all of the amazing opportunities it has provided me as an undergraduate. This isn’t a great place for a Yes Man, because so many opportunities present themselves to you here that you have to know how to say no to things that will influence your future the least. The Young Scholars Institute for International Business Research is something I am very happy I didn’t say no to. As a part of this organization, I’ve been able to co-author a research paper- as an undergraduate. My fellow students involved in this program have expressed the same gratitude, towards both these awesome professors willing to mentor us as well as the business school for even offering this type of program. We come to these conferences, and professors and Masters students ask us which PhD program we’re doing. The fact that we’ve been able to conduct research, with some of us even able to publish this research (not me though… yet) is so incredible.

On top of being able to say that I have contributed to research on cultural tourism and the use of indigenous people in marketing techniques and tourism agencies, I am also able to attend a conference full of other people conducting valuable research on the International Business world. Today I learned what a trope was, and how effective these are as marketing tools, domestically and internationally. As an international business and marketing major, I love learning about that type of stuff, and hearing about current research in the areas that I hope to be working in some day. I was also able to attend a panel on Islamic Finance today, which was made up of two Drake professors, a Drake student, and a Drake alum. Islamic Finance as a growing sector is very interesting to me, and it was so cool to be able to learn more about where that market is going.

I present our paper tomorrow, and as my co-author was not able to attend this year I am a little bit nervous! I’m excited to hear the feedback I’ll be given though, and ready to continue in the research process.

our two fearless leaders, Professors Mitchell & Kappen

our two fearless leaders, Professors Mitchell & Kappen


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