Traditions (Drake Themed (surprise))

This past weekend, the gamma theta chapter of kappa kappa gamma initiated our newest class of leading ladies! We’re all so proud of the girls we chose to carry on our kappa traditions.

Whether you’re in greek life or not though, I think tradition is so important. It makes college more fun. And, I’m anticipating that it will make life after college more fun as well. I can’t wait to meet up with my best friends years from now and still be able to celebrate the same traditions we did at Drake.

Relays is always the first that comes to mind, probably because it includes so many traditions under one umbrella. There’s street painting, which occasionally (always) accidentally (completely planned) ends in a paint fight. There’s the relay events themselves, where alumni reunite and reminisce around the big blue oval. There’s square painting on Court ave., which gets the Des Moines community involved. This is followed by a free concert on the street (last year was HOODIE ALLEN). There’s also indoor pole vaulting, which is weird, yes, but also a pretty good time. And lastly there’s the road run! I ran it my freshman year with my sister, using the word “ran” loosely here.

Drake has other traditions as well.

The kissing rock is one, where couples go to lock lips and lock in their commitment to be together forever (I think that’s the tradition? no?).

We also have our basketball team, which has made us proud time and time again, and made attending games a fun tradition for students and alumni alike.

There was also something a few years back where trays from Hubbell Dining Hall would substitute for sleds when the first snow hit. But this is 2014 and those trays were used in like the 80s I think. Now we use ipads.

There’s probably more traditions but these are just some of the first that come to mind. Whatever your traditions are, make sure to keep them alive. They’re what bond us together, cheezy and I’m ok with that.



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