Can we talk about how much easier it was to find things to write about abroad?

Because seriously. My blogging problem abroad came when I didn’t have enough time record all of the amazing things that were happening and the cool cultural differences I got to experience. And I didn’t have enough time because I was out there experiencing all these crazy awesome unique things.

Here… I mean there’s a lot going on, there always is at Drake. But it’s way different. Here I stay mostly on campus, where everyone’s just like me- focused on school, motivated, ambitious, English speaking… It was such a distinct experience to be studying in a place where you walked down the street and saw people that were so different from you, and you wanted to know how and what were those differences exactly.

So I think that’s where the problem is. I love to write about new experiences, and things that surprise, or wow me, or leave me in awe. And every second of my Chilean experience gave me something that fit into one of those categories.

I think I’m just really missing Chile today- my chilean gringos, mi familia, my street dogs, my real chileans, mi pollolo. That’s one thing they don’t tell you about studying abroad… that you have to come back. It seems like it would be implied but it’s something people don’t like to think about really.

But to focus on my current adventure: the semester is going really well, minus business law which is the hardest class I think I’ve taken here so far. I’m loving my time here and the new people I’ve met since I’ve been back. My Spanish is improving. I added a new major (marketing). But back in my normal life, Chile is still never far from my mind.


Te extraño, el pais de mi corazon.


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