Black Thursday (formerly known as Thanksgiving)

Just kidding. How sad is it that people would choose to spend their Thanksgiving evening with strangers, in line, for 10 dollars off of 20, rather than with their own families.

The past couple of years (but actually not last year because I think I worked) I’ve gone with friends or family to Black Friday shop wait in line. And sometimes I’ve gotten good deals, but it’s never been worth the jet lag feeling for the rest of that day and the grumpy holiday shoppers that will relentlessly push and shove their way to that end goal of an empty, sad wallet, and 12 shopping bags full of junk.

Seriously nothing is worse than Black Friday. Which is why I think it’s so stupid that they’ve turned it into a Black Thursday/Black Weekend/Cyber Monday/Shop Till You Drop event. (wasn’t shop till you drop the best gameshow btw)

I love gift giving but I’d rather my loved ones spend time picking out something meaningful or making a heartwarming gift than waiting in line on a holiday for a good deal.

Idk I’m just saying. Black Friday sucks. That’s all. My Thanksgiving was wonderful. xoxo


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