Procrastination amirite?

I like to give myself options when it comes to studying. “Do you want to stay on the couch and watch Hulu or do you want to go to the library and power through your management study guide?” I always hold out hope for myself that I’ll make the right decision. And then it’s 6 PM and I’ve finally finished this season of America’s Next Top Model, while my study guide stares at me blankly from my desk. He looks a little disappointed but I think he knew all along.

Studying is just so not my thing. I would much rather go to my classes and pay attention there than to read dense definitions in thick textbooks the day before the exam. I always do both though, just to cover my bases. Studying = not my thing. Cramming = definitely more up my alley.

I think my problem skills reside in the fact that I work best under pressure. With my BLAW exam being next Friday, there’s really no pressure right now for me to study for it. Thursday night though, I will do some of my best studying (probably (hopefully)).

Also I just get distracted so easily. If I have my computer out in front of me and I’m supposed to be looking over my slides from Marketing Research, I mean that gets really hard when I have to have The Office playing in the background. For the white noise… and the entertainment. Studying doesn’t entertain me I guess is what I’m trying to say. So I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to do.

Anyway wish me luck on my exams. They’re not until the end of this next week though so I’m not worried (yet).


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