we’re done!

Finals are done! Which means I never have to look at business law again! (until I’m an adult in a real business setting probably)

So I’m sure you’re aware of how amazing Drake students are. But I’m gonna take this time to tell you a little bit about how amazing my friends are, and their success this semester.

My first brag is about one of my friends who has been consistently successful at Drake. She’s a P1 this year, and for her first semester in pharmacy school, she decided to take on 18 credits. In spite of her intense course load, she ended up with a 4.0 this semester, and still managed to be involved at Drake and have a social life.

My second brag is about a friend who decided this semester that she wanted to go abroad in the spring. She figured out what she wanted for a program, and went about the 2 month application process that was basically another 3 credit class added to her already full schedule. (the program she decided on is one where she will be working hands on in a hospital setting, in a country where she is not 100% confident in the language but has fully committed herself to learning) I couldn’t be more proud of her finishing the semester with excellent grades and watching her prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

My last brag is about a friend who really found her stride this semester. She got a part-time job relevant to her major and worked hard in her classes to finish with solid grades. Along with this, she led her Sims family in an active social life. And she was social too I guess. This was the semester I felt she really found her passion for her major, and it was awesome to see that happen.

I could tell you more about my successful friends and their various internships and activities and accomplishments, but I think you catch my drift here. Junior year started off great at Drake, and I can’t wait to see how it ends!

Except Spring semester doesn’t start until January 26th. So I’m gonna hibernate for a few months to try and recover from finals week and I will see you all when the snow melts, byee


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