The Art of Relaxation

Relaxation=Doing Nothing

Which is next to impossible for me and (I’m assuming) the majority of Drake undergrads. We get so used to being overly involved, to the point where we literally have no time to stop and take a break. This makes a lot of students really really happy for Winter Break, and the chance to do absolutely nothing for a month and a half.

But I seriously cannot stand doing nothing. Here is a list of things I did this weekend:

downloaded a new app on my phone

baked cookies

watched netflix

….and that’s it. That’s seriously all I did this weekend. Like absolutely nothing productive. Counterproductive, really, because the 6 cookies I’ve eaten already today have kind of screwed up my diet plan for break. I mean worth it, but unproductive.

So I decided to review Japanese. I took it in high school… I have no clue why, because Spanish is the language I’ve chosen to pursue now at Drake. But I’ve forgotten almost everything and I think this extra long pointless break would be a good time to review it. Why would I want to lose 3 years of education on the subject, ya know? Anyway that’s my plan for break. And maybe to relax when I get the chance. With a warm cup of coffee and my bff netflix.



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