How sad that I only see my extended family a few times a year. When I was younger I loved family Christmases. Playing with my cousins, getting new presents, eating only chocolate… And then I hit my teen years and was uncomfortable everywhere, especially family events. Middle school am i right? Now, older and wiser, I have learned to appreciate my family more. You have to really try to see family once everyone moves away, starting their lives again in other places. But it’s worth it. And it makes time together so much more valuable.


This year I got to see my mother’s family for Thanksgiving and my father’s for our annual Christmas party. My dad’s side usually has our party on New Year’s Day. This year we had it a little early because we were able to find a space at my grandma’s nursing home to hold it! It was great to be able to be with everyone, including the sweetest woman at Sunnyview Senior Care. We took some pics, played a little five straight (fun game when your family is as competitive as mine), and had some good food.

I love my family.


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