I cannot stress enough…

…how ambiguous my feelings are towards Drake’s January Term. I have no memory of what I accomplished during my freshman year winter break. Which means it was probably a lot of nothing. Sophomore year was better- I had an awesome internship that helped me learn about the ins and outs of a real life office-place, all the while floating around in study abroad purgatory, waiting for my departure date of February 28th.

I’m ambiguous because I love the r & r that comes with 6 (or in the case of last year: 10) weeks off, but also hate having free time I can’t fill.

As a solution I made an ongoing to do list for myself:

  • review Japanese & Spanish (because you really don’t know either language at this point but both are on your resume, something’s gotta change)
  • random work opportunities (e.g. catering, babysitting, begging on the street for ramen money…)
  • clean (somehow your room dirties itself at the end of every day. must be while you’re sleeping because I don’t ever remember it happening)
  • read a few books (right now: Isabelle Allende’s The House of the Spirits)
  • learn how to yoga (you got some practice in Chile, but it’s time to truly center yourself, we’re goin’ for zen here)
  • seriously look into Salamanca for fall 2015 (because one semester of travel was not enough)
  • workout (I mean if you have time)

This gets rid of pesky unproductive free time & helps me stay on track. Is it sad that studying is on my to do list for break… no right?



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