To waitress! (I started in catering so I actually don’t know if this move is vertical or horizontal honestly).

Tomorrow I start my new waitressing gig at Baratta’s, the cutest Italian restaurant on the south side. If you haven’t eaten there, you haven’t yet experienced the quaintness of DSM living.

I’m very happy to have this month of January for training, because I’m very nervous about a few things. Namely my weak short term memory and lack of arm strength/balancing skills. I’ve been looking over the menu but just I know I’m gonna get those customers that want “the linguine- but with whole wheat penne pasta and carrots substituted for the tomatoes in the sauce, it’s white sauce right, and you know what actually just bring the sauce on the side in a small bowl please, same for my salad- but could you please list all of the salad dressings offered and the ingredients in each? Mhm I’ll go with ranch.”

That may be an exaggeration but I know that I’ve been the difficult customer before (could I have beef and broccoli without the broccoli or any vegetables please and two crab rangoons instead of an egg roll) and karma is bound to catch up with me.

So not only do I have to lock in this new menu to my long-term memory, but I also have to short-term memorize the orders from every table. And I get distracted so easily… at my last waitressing job, by the time I got back to the computer to enter the request, it was really more of an educated guess than an accurate order. That was like three years ago, so I’m hoping the endless nights of cramming for exams will have assisted my memory. And focus. At 3 am the night before a test, you really do need to be able to focus. Or you just need a lot of caffeine.

The real fear comes from the balance/strength thing. If I have a table of 6, I’m thinking that at least 2 of them will be wearing their food or drink at the result of my clumsiness by the end of their dining experience. My mom advised me not to think about the tray in my hand. But as I said before, I get distracted easily, so if I forget about the tray in my hand I feel like there’s a good chance I’ll lower my hand and then the tray will tumble to the ground. I’m a brunette but I think this is a fairly probable result.

Cross your fingers for me,


(also if you haven’t realized at this point that most of my posts are 80% exaggerated, then I’m not sure you understand my style)


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