Waitressing Teaches You The Importance Of…

Patience; Some people are gonna be mean and you just have to love them anyways because that’s the right thing to do. Don’t spit in their food because that’s the wrong thing to do.

Graciousness; I vow to always tip my waitresses at least 20%. When I’m older and rich. Because they get paid like nothing and they smile when they give your food anyways.

Diligence; It’s okay to go above and beyond, even in a small job like waitressing. It sets a precedence of extra effort for when I get my dream job. And everyone appreciates a hard worker.

Friendliness; Friendliness gets you extra tips from your customers, yummy food from the cooks, and new friends across the board. Win-Win-Win situation.

Efficiency; It makes a difference if you put the order in before you make their salads. It’s exciting to figure out the most efficient way to make all of your tables happy at once. Timing is everything.

Look at all of these life lessons… I bet Mother Theresa was also a waitress at one point in her life.



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