Weekend in Chicago

I took last weekend off to visit some friends in Chicago and I had a blast. I have one friend who lives in Elgin, a suburb about an hour outside the city, and goes to Judson University. In the past I’ve always taken the megabus to downtown Chicago (which takes six and a half hours somehow), and then waited for a train to take me to Elgin, a ride that takes another hour fifteen. So closing in on eight hours to get to Kaya. This time, I asked if I could borrow my dad’s car (because my little guy could never make that long of a journey) so I wouldn’t have to pay for the megabus or deal with their terrible service. He approved, because he’s the best, and I saved time & money which are two of my favorite things to save.

I absolutely LOVE visiting Kaya. She and her family are the most positive, generous, kind, funny, people I have ever met. The most gracious hosts in the universe. I got to see Kaya’s new dorm room, meet her overly friendly RA and super sweet roommate, and hang out with my best friend for almost the whole weekend. It was the best. We even recorded a vid (Kaya is going to be a famous singer so she is pretty used to singing beautifully in front of people but this doesn’t happen a lot to me so if you wanted to watch it or whatever here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-oJi9cAB4A&feature=youtu.be). Bubbly is the happiest song in the world. & Kaya is the bubbliest person in the world.

On Saturday, after the cutest brunch at a local Elgin eatery, I headed into the city to meet up with some friends. Not only did I get to see one of my friends from Wisconsin who happened to be in Chi town at the same time as me (and who I missed more than flowers miss sunshine in the winter), but I also got to see one of my good friends from study abroad, who goes to DePaul. We got to catch up and reminisce about perfect Chile and it was so great. We even visited a blue’s bar which was way cool.

I am so thankful to Cali & the Abrahamson’s for taking me in this weekend, and making my midwestern vacation weekend a great one.


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