First Days of School

It actually feels good to be back. Is that weird? My classes yesterday (finance, spanish, & astronomy) seem ok… I’m mostly interested except that astronomy bores me. I like the pictures though. My classes today (two marketing classes and intercultural communications) seem ok too. Everything I’m taking this semester (minus astronomy) are classes I wanted to take, classes that interest me. It’s so weird to me when people act like they hate their classes because like, you chose what classes you were gonna take, why would you choose classes that don’t interest you?

Yesterday felt very productive. Mostly because I woke up at 7 a.m. and anytime I’m awake before 10, it’s a productive day. I had classes, coffee, work, read a chapter of my book, finished unpacking, had a healthy dinner at kappa (which isn’t always possible), and finished the day off pretty happy. If that’s just my first day, then I actually am really excited for the rest of the semester. Just praying I get enough sleep. My friends and I got the best & worst room in the house. The best because there’s literally so much room. And our own bathroom. The worst because it’s right next to the loudest place in the house and we all like really value our sleep. That’s the only thing I’m worried about right now. Which if that’s my biggest problem, I think I’ll be okay. Worst comes to worst I’ll invest in a pair of ear plugs and sleep like a baby.

Wish me luck on busy-day-back number two. I have a night class tonight and I’m not fully confident my attention span can last 3 hours straight.



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