Such a diverse class schedule

Sorry (nope) that I’m writing so much about my classes but that’s the most predominant topic on my brain right now.

I am seriously so happy about the class choices I made this semester. So here is my initial review of each class.

Intercultural Communication: I’ve taken two classes with this same professor already, in order to fulfill my requirements for my Spanish certificate. He’s awesome and his classes are so reflective and interesting. I like to write and discuss things and you don’t really do that a ton in the business school, so I’m pretty excited for this. Also, my professor got married over break and he’s like the happiest I’ve ever seen him and it makes ME so happy. Who doesn’t love love?

Field Applications of Marketing Research: This is a night class. So I’m not pumped about this one really since my attention span is not prepared to handle a three hour lecture. But the professor is an adjunct who has a ton of experiential knowledge that I’m excited to learn from. We’ll see how this one goes.

Intro to Finance: This is required for the business core. I’ve put it off for as long as I could. But I like math so I think this will be okay too. Cons: I don’t understand the stock market really, or have any knowledge what those green and red arrows next to unknown abbreviations really signify. & the class is at 8 a.m. Two huge cons but it’s a required course and the professor seems cool so I can deal.

Advanced Spanish: I don’t know the official name to this class. But the name of the textbook is “Tradition and Changes” so it’s like a Latino culture class taught in Spanish. I’m pretty excited for it, since I’m at an “advanced” level now (I need more practice really) and since Latino culture is what got me interested in the language to begin with.

Integrated Marketing Communications: This is my second marketing class of the semester. I’ve heard awesome things about the professor and she seems really cool. However, I’m not a huge fan of public speaking and the first thing we did on the FIRST day of class was a public speaking exercise. We’ll see how this goes.

Astronomy: This is required because I’m at a liberal arts college. I’m not super excited about it because if I’m being completely honest, the universe freaks me out. And it’s at 5:30 at night which is right after I eat dinner and right before I fall asleep in class. I get so tired and this guy rambles a bit. But you can tell he loves astronomy, and I find it much easier to listen to professors that are passionate about the subjects they teach.

So you can see it’s super diverse. I’m excited to have math, writing, discussion, lectures, readings, and presentations in my semester- it’ll definitely keep things interesting.



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