sNOw place like kappa

This weekend in Des Moines it snowed. But like, a lot. This turned my fellow kappa gams and I into couch potatoes for a few days.

Saturday we watched movies all day. That was the extent of our productivity. (Although some of my more coordinated sistas attempted to learn dance moves from old Disney channel original movies, which is kind of like a work out..)

Then we headed over to sig ep to play in the snow with our friends. It was actually so much fun. We attempted to make hot chocolate at their house afterward but their kitchen is about as well-stocked as you’d expect from a frat house and we are not nearly as domestic as you’d expect for sorority girls. We gave up pretty quickly. But the snow part was fun.

kkg snow daySunday we watched the Superbowl. And I think that was literally all I accomplishedย all day (Go Pats).

Hope my fellow bulldogs enjoyed their snow days as much as I did! xoxo


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