New Opportunity in Marketing&Communications

I’ve loved being a part of the student blogging done here at Drake. So much so that I wanted to get even more involved in the office that brought you these wonderful little glimpses into student lives. I sent an email to Drake M & C a few months ago and asked if there were any new opportunities that would allow me to take on more responsibility.

This all resulted in a PR Internship! My new superior informed me that this may consist of a lot of office work, since they had already filled their social media intern position. That was fine with me because just being in this type of office setting will be so beneficial for deciding the type of career I’m looking for.

Today was day one. I got to the the office ten minutes early because that’s how you impress new employers. Unless they’re not at the office yet. This is fine because it is more realistic for me to arrive at 8:30 exactly on a normal day than ten minutes before. Then I got a quick tour, got to meet some cool people, see some messy/creative/cute cubicles, and get to work! Work today consisted of what I think is called “Niche” Work because you’re trying to find your niche in the office… I could be wrong on that.

I counted pennants. Sixteen hundred of them.

In no way am I complaining though- I am THRILLED to be able to have an opportunity like this, even if it is just helping around the office. The conversations your overhear are really interesting, and it’s awesome to be around people that are so passionate about their work. I’m excited to see what I can learn from this experience.



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