Local Coffee Shops

I can’t get enough really. Of coffee, but also Des Moines’ amazing coffee shops. So I decided to give awards to my favorites.

Smokey Row: Best place to study

Mar’s: Best white mocha

Ritual’s: Best tuxedo brownies

Village Bean: Best smoothies

Zanzibar’s: Idk if they win a “best” award but in their defense I’ve only been their twice so I don’t really know what they’re known for.

Grounds for Celebration: Best iced white mocha

Is it a little bit of betrayal that I’m writing this from inside a Caribou Coffee? Yeah a little but they have this new raspberry dark chocolate mocha and it’s called a love mocha (how cute is that) so I had to try it. Plus they play really good music. And this is midwest local still, right?

These are all just my personal opinions obviously, but you should check some of these out next time you’re visiting the best city in America.


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