Mollie’s Study Abroad Adventures: Season 2?

I want to study abroad again. This fall. In Spain this time. And I’m already mapping out the places I want to visit.

This is what each country has to offer me…


-The International Berliner Bierfestival in Berlin (I think this is an arts festival but I don’t speak German so who knows)

-My former exchange student Pia lives, who I can’t wait to see again, in her country this time



-The Eiffel Tower


-Fish & Chips

-Various locations from some of my favorite movies, such as Winning London & What a Girl Wants


-Beautiful views & hills & countrysides


-Salamanca (where I hope to study)

-Tapas in Barcelona

-A Real Madrid fútbol game




-Amazing coastal views and adventures


-Pasta, pizza, & gelato

I know some of these things sound basic but it’s all I can dream about right now. I want to travel everywhere. And what better time than when I have a university fully willing to back my adventures and cultural education? I haven’t applied yet but just think of how amazing this would be.

If you have other places I need to visit or things I can’t miss out on, feel free to comment.


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